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Buy Local Flowers

Have you ever contemplated the carbon footprint of cut flowers? What about flower growing methods or harvesting ethics? Thanks to the Washington Flowers Project at the Bellingham Farmer's Market this past weekend, we are much more aware. The Washington Flower Project works to educate farmers, sellers and consumers by providing support, resources and educational outreach (link below).

Joe's Garden, Bellingham, Washington

So Buy Local Flowers!

Some of our favorite Washington flower growers include Joe's Garden in Bellingham, WA, and Springboard Farm in Tacoma Both farms are hyper-local and are run by wonderful farmers who truly care about growing sustainable food and flowers.

Washington Flower Project

To learn more about the Washington Flower Project: .

Plant Native Flowers!

If you are interested in growing your own PNW native flowers, come check out Fourth Corner Nursery in Whatcom County ! They have a wide selection of native flowers and are open to the public the last Friday of each month.


Want to learn more or have other ideas/tips/recommendations regarding local flower growing?

Get in touch with us:

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