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Nutritious Landscapes

This is the one of the best times of the year, harvest season! At Ekologi Design and Planning, we encourage adding food productivity to projects as much as possible. We can help clients create places to cultivate food whether it's building a community p-patch, an edible rooftop garden, or through adding perennial shrubs, such as blueberries, to therapeutic landscapes.

"We've gotten so good at growing food that we've gone, in a few generations, from nearly half of Americans living on farms to 2 percent. We no longer think about how the wonderful things in the grocery store got there, and we'd like to go back to what we think is a more natural way." Nina Fedoroff, American Molecular Biologist

For projects that are intensely food-production based, we frequently partner with local food cultivation and nutrition experts. Check out the awesome work of Seattle Urban Farm Company and follow their podcasts for the latest and greatest food growing tips. Additionally, for more specific nutrition advice to identify foods you can grow to support health conditions; check out Portland Based, Nourish and Be.

Interested in developing a productive landscape? Contact us and let's chat!

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