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Pop-up solutions for a Bellingham Waterfront in Waiting

What’s happening on the Belligham Waterfront?

The history of Bellingham’s waterfront is long, complex, and fascinating. It is one of the few urban waterfronts in the United States that hosts over 237 acres of potential. Very recently, Bellingham is seeing significant improvements on the waterfront. In 2018, the award winning Waypoint Park opened for all to enjoy. In the summer of 2019, a road system and pedestrian trail/bike network has been constructed. As the waterfront awaits additional permanent development, a temporary pump-track is taking shape to engage Belligham’s large mountain biking community with the waterfront. The pump-track is developing quickly and is scheduled to open in September or early October.

Ekologi Design + Planning and Bellingham’s Waterfront

Although we can’t reveal too much yet, Ekologi has been engaged in conversations with the Port of Bellingham and the City of Bellingham to propose an exciting pop-up project to compliment the temporary activation efforts of the waterfront. Stay tuned as we continue to develop ideas!

Want to learn more about the Bellingham Waterfront? Check out these links:


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